Handy Man

Mark Nelson

Mark looked into LED because he was constantly having to replace the 150-watt bulbs that are over 20 foot high. The vibration of the building could cause problems. Mark replaced them with LED 36 watt lights with a 5-year warranty for lots more light while using 114 watts less, a 76% reduction in energy consumption. The before and after photos show the difference.

Handy Man will be reducing the Kilowatt usage by approximately 78%, approximately $2900.00 of savings per year. The amount of light increased from 950 Lux to 1100, or about 16%.

Save Thousands With a Switch of a Bulb

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Sioux Falls LED Lighting


New lights on the retail floor are fantastic. Retrofitted the 8 foot fluorescents with new 8 Foot LED from Light Exchange Depot. 81% Return on Investment. Color of products on the shelves just pop out. We improved the quality of light by 60%, and reduced the energy consumption by 60% as well.

Light reading went from 900 Lux to 1100 Lux – 22% more lighting.Booze Boy’s will also see a 53% return on investment. Way better than putting that money into a savings account!

Economical lighting solutions for Sioux Falls businesses.

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